Anti-wrinkle Treatments at Brighton Laser Clinic


At our Brighton based clinic, our doctors can offer a variety of injectable treatments to treat your lines & wrinkles. With appointments to suit your schedule our highly experienced clinical team will be able to put your at ease and make you feel comfortable during your treatment. All of our injectable treatments are performed in our purpose-designed medical treatment rooms and the clinic is easily accessible by car or by foot, just a five minute walk away from Brighton's Palace Pier.

Did you know? Certain Injectable treatments can also be effectively used to treat excess underarm sweating (See Hyperhidrosis).

What is Botulinium Toxin-Type A (Botox)?

The term Botox® actually refers to the brand name for a specific drug called Botulinium Toxin Type-A, which is manufacturered by Allergan Inc. Other well known brands include Vistabel ®, Dysport ® and Azzalure ®. Clinically, Botox, Vistabel, Dysport and Azzalure all contain the same active ingredient (Botulinium Toxin Type A), and are essentially targeted and licensed versions of the same drug for different medical and cosmetic purposes. At the clinic we favour the use of Botox and Azzalure for treating lines and wrinkles, and for treating excess sweating (see Hyperhidrosis).Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available today, with over 4.8 million treatments being carried out around the world each year 

How does Botox work?

The use of Botuliniun Toxin Type-A was developed for cosmetic purposes in the early 1990s and since then it has been used to treat everything from crossed eyes (Strabismus), uncontrollable blinking (Bleparospasm), muscle pain disorders and even excess sweating (Hyperhidrosis). Its most common use is to correct wrinkles and frown lines on the face that are caused due to hyperactive facial muscles around the eyes and lower forehead. These may give a person an angry, tired, or displeased appearance - even when they are not experiencing that emotion. Botox is able to temporarily paralyse these muscles by blocking the nerve signals which trigger the tiny muscles to contract, thereby correcting the Inactivation of these small muscles and reducing the ability of these muscles to form wrinkles. 

How long does Botox last?

Everyone is different and therefore the effect varies from patient to patient. In our experience the effects last 4-6 months for facial treatment, and from 6-9 months for excess sweating (hyperhydrosis) of the armpits. It's also important to bear in mind that Botox can take anything from 2 days up to 2 weeks to work, therefore you will not notice a difference straight away. It is a non-permanent treatment because after 10-16 weeks the muscles recover.

What areas can be treated?

As we age our muscles develop a resting tension that causes wrinkles (Rhytides) to appear. With time, dynamic wrinkles can become permanently visible and fixed. Botox is therefore generally only used on the face for patients who have wrinkles that are dynamic. Botox is best used to treat the Crow's feet around the eyes, the frown lines between the eyebrows, and forehead lines.

Unlike Dermal Fillers, Botulinium Toxins cannot be used extensively on the lower face and is far more effective for upper facial rejuvenation. Lines, creases and wrinkles around other parts of the face, such as the cheeks and jaw, are typically treated with Dermal Fillers such as RestylaneSculptra and Juvederm. This is because Botulinium Toxins work by temporarily blocking the nerve signals to the muscles, which relaxes the lines associated with dynamic movement. Dermal Fillers on the other hand work to plump up lines and wrinkles and to replace the lost volume caused by aging.

What should I expect after treatment?

It is normal to experience mild tenderness and swelling at injection sites for a few hours. Occasionally, bruising under the skin may produce a small lump that takes 3-5 days to disappear. Many patients also experience a minor dull ‘headache’ or ‘heavy’ feeling across treated sites for a few days. 

You can resume normal daily activity following treatment. You may wash the skin and apply make-up as normal. It is however important to avoid any facial massages.  For underarm sweating it is also advisable to avoid deodorant for 24-48 hours after treatment, as this may cause stinging and soreness from the injection sites.

Is it painful?

When used on the face the injection may cause mild discomfort but this only lasts for a few minutes.  A few patients may get a headache, or experience a dull heavy feeling over the eyebrows; this may last from a few minutes to a couple of hours.  If this occurs then we suggest taking a paracetamol to relieve the pain. Aspirin and Ibrufen should be avoided as they may cause bleeding and bruising.

When Botulinium Toxins are used in the armpits to treat excess sweating, the injection sites will sting for a few seconds with each injection and there will be approximately 10-20 injections under each armpit.

How safe is the use of Botulinium Toxin Type-A?

Due to their increasing popularity, cosmetic injectable treatments frequently receive interest from the press and media. Often treatments with relatively few side-effects are banded together with more-invasive and permanent treatments or implants with higher risk profiles, which can be confusing and misleading for patients.

The cosmetic use of Botulinium Toxin Type-A to correct lines and wrinkles around the upper face by trained practitioners is widely accepted by doctors and drug approval bodies as safe, since loss of muscle movement in these areas only temporarily interferes with aesthetic appearance only. 

Botox, along with all of the injectable treatments that we use at Brighton Laser & Skin Clinic are not permanent treatments, and the effects typically only last for only a few months at a time. Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments worldwide, with patients numbering in the tens of millions. Allergic reactions to Botox are rare, and it is widely accepted that most of the unwanted side-effects, such as droopy eyelids, swelling, rashes and sores, typically arise as the result of inexperienced practitioners and can be improved through additional treatments or simply by waiting for the Botox to loose its effectiveness.

Our doctors are all highly trained and experienced in the use of cosmetic injectables. Our clinical treatment rooms are purpose-designed for injectable treatments and the clinical team is also fully supported by Consultant Dermatologists. 

What side-effects can occur?

Injection of Botulinium Toxins can cause temporary pain and stinging. Bruising and tenderness may also be experienced and this may last a few days. It is normal to experience a dull minor headache or heavy feeling across the forehead especially after the first injection. Some patients may experience an uneven action across the forehead due to differences in muscle strength, and this can be corrected by additional treatment at 10-14 days to paralyse any muscles that are exerting a stronger pull compared to weaker ones. Very rarely, drooping of an eyelid can occur but is rare when Botulinium Toxins such as Azzalure or Botox are given compared to another form of Botulinium toxin called Dysport. We highly recommend that all of our patients come back to see us for a complimentary review within 10-14 days following treatment to ensure that you are happy with the results.

What does it cost for treatment?

Treatment costs £280 and there is no charge for the consultation if treatment is performed on the same day. We also provide a complimentary review at 2-weeks to ensure you are happy with the results and there is no consultation fee if the treatment is provided at the time of the consultation.

When you book in our receptionists always will always try to book you straight in for treatment with a specialist because it saves you the time and expense of a consultation if you choose to go ahead and have treatment on the day. If however you would prefer to have a think about your treatment options and then come back on a different day then that's absolutely fine, but please be aware that there will be a consultation fee of £50 to cover the additional time spent with the doctor.